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Despite the challenges of scorching, arid conditions, this captivating Colheita 2003 triumphs. Its exceptionally rich nose and youthful character on the palate deliver a refreshing, vibrant taste.  It boasts rich aromas of ripe plum and luscious figs with a subtle hint of floral notes. Candied fruit flavors dominate the palate, with a touch of spiciness and a satisfying finish. Indulge in its unforgettable experience, promising to delight the senses with every sip.




Medium saturation, brick-ruby color


The nose of this wine is notably rich, with distinct aromas of ripe plum and luscious figs dominating the forefront. A subtle hint of floral notes adds a delightful touch, complementing the wine's overall bouquet.


With its youthful character, this Port wine presents a refreshing and vibrant taste. The initial flavor is that of succulent candied fruit, particularly candied cherries, which tantalize the palate. As you progress to the mid-palate, the wine's tight structure becomes more apparent, marked by a robust presence of tannins and a hint of spiciness. The wine concludes with a return to its candied fruit notes, providing a satisfying conclusion to this delightful drinking experience.


Wine Advocate


The 2003 Colheita Tawny Port is a blend of Touriga Franca (40%), Touriga Nacional (10%), Tinta Roriz (16%), Tinta Barroca (32%) and Tinto Cão from Quinta Vale d Agodinho. It was bottled in May 2023 with a long cork and 1.12 grams per liter of residual sugar. Big and deep with a little power as well, this is a beauty in most respects. It isn’t the most  complex 20-year Tawny ever, but it is concentrated and vigorous, and at the 20-year point, complexity is just a cherry on top. (For that, check out the producer’s 1976 in this report.) It becomes sensually textured with time, and it is pretty delicious too. The 2003 vintage was a big one, and this reflects its vintage to some considerable extent. It just feels solid on the palate. In some respects, this is the Tawny counterpart to the 2009 White Colheita in this report. They are both on the younger side, relatively, but they are both rich and deep. If you choose to hold this (Tawnies don’t need to be held), it will last more or less indefinitely, barring cork failures. Not imported at the moment, this runs around 45 euros in  Portugal. If you’re looking for the value sweet spot in the producer’s Tawny lineup this time, this is it.

Technical Information

Grape Varieties

Touriga Franca (40%), Touriga Nacional (10%), Tinta Roriz (16%), Tinta Barroca (32%), Tinto Cão (2%)


Alcohol - 21,00% Total Acidity - 5,4 (g/l) pH - 3,17 Residual Sugar - 112 (g/l)

Winemaking Details

A challenging year due to extremely hot and dry weather that led to reduced yields and smaller grapes. We were able to produce high-quality wines, but overall, the vintage was lower in quantity and had higher alcohol content.

The wine underwent fermentation in stainless steel vats to maintain its purity and quality.

It was aged using two distinct methods. Some of the wine was aged in small 250 liter oak barrels, which imparted a unique character and depth to the wine. Meanwhile, another portion was aged in larger barrels made of chestnut wood, contributing to the wine's complexity and richness.

Claudia Quevedo

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