The Botanical Infusion – Organic Dry Gin Collection

The first day you take a walk in the Douro, you are struck by its beauty and wildness, you can’t be indifferent to it. The smell, the landscapes, the textures all swadle you softly.

The Botanical Infusion Dry Gin Collection is our own interpretation of the landscapes that surround us daily. We kept the infusions simple, aiming for quality and purity. The native juniper (zimbro) takes the lead and is surrounded by the fresh and complex aromas of verbena, mint, rosemary, and a zesty touch of orange or lemon – depending on the blends. The latest member of the collection is the Cask Matured, in which we aged the Dry Gin in old Port casks!


The Prime Edition

Made from the infusion of the most characteristic aromatic herbs we can find on our vineyards: Juniper, Lemon Verbena, Mint, Rosemary and Lemon.
In the cold December, the selected botanicals are carefully harvested to extract the purest flavors and aromas.

With FLOWERS & Orange Edition

Also made with a combination of our favorite aromatic flowers herbs from our vineyard surroundings: Juniper, Verbena, Mint, Rosemary and Orange. The touch of pink blush brightens the blend.

Old Cask Matured Edition

Our special interpretation made from the infusion of our finest herbs and aged for 18 months in old Port Oak casks until it reached optimum maturity.