Douro Wines

The grapes come from our 5 sustainably farmed vineyards which are located in different altitudes. This provides us with a wide variety of aroma and flavor profiles, that can range from light and elegant to full-bodied and intense. 

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For easy get-togethers


This collection has the same personality and qualities as Oscar Quevedo, making a fun, young, and quality-driven wine. Oscar’s is a wine to uncork on a Wednesday evening when you’re looking for something simple and delicious. It’s the wine for an impromptu picnic with friends or for an informal Sunday brunch with family.

It’s the wine you turn to at the end of a stressful workday to help your mind and body wind down and relax. In short, we’re hoping Oscar’s will become your “go-to” wine whenever you’re looking for something that tastes great while fitting neatly in your budget.



Claudia’s wine is an expression of what Claudia Quevedo, the winemaker, loves most on each harvest.

Claudia’s wine is a blend of grapes from different plots.

They don’t follow some recipe every harvest as the vines don’t produce the same grapes every year. One thing we can assure, all our grapes are handpicked and treated as small treasures.

For landmark celebrations

Q Grande Reserva

 Once every now and then, we find ourselves in important landmarks, celebrating the end of a year, a birth, or an anniversary.
Q Grande Reserva can be a gift for loved ones or kept for special occasions, especially if it’s of rare and superb make.
This is the opportunity for a toast (and a speech!) to mark and remember these moments with friends. Forever.