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It doesn’t matter how well you work the grapes at the winery unless the origin of the grapes is the very best. The most important legacy that we received from our ancestors was the learning that wine is made in the vineyard. For this reason, we cultivate 100 hectares of vineyards, plus 25 hectares of organic olive groves, across five properties in the Douro valley, from the sub-region of Cima Corgo. This diversity provides grapes of varying aromas and flavors that help us craft distinct wines and unforgettble experiences along the way.

Our ancestors’ passion for viticulture and respect for the land around us drive us every day to cultivate a sustainable legacy for generations to come. With deep respect for the environment and its natural cycles, we began growing our vines organically in 2012. Since then, we have gradually expanded our organic production area, drawing on ancient wisdom traditions while investing in state-of-the-art equipment. This has enabled us to progressively reduce the use of artificial chemicals on our other properties, minimizing our environmental impact and allowing the essence of the local territory to prevail.

Our vineyard has become a sanctuary for beneficial insects, pollinators and native plants, providing a safe haven in the midst of the ever-expanding human footprint. This rich biodiversity is not just a spectacle to behold – it improves the health of our vineyards and, in turn, the quality of the wines you enjoy. Cheers!

Quinta Senhora do Rosário
This vineyard is the oldest of the Quevedo’s properties, and where the cellar can be found. It owes its name to the chapel of Lady of the Rosary (Senhora do Rosário), located next to the property.
Quinta Vale D’Agodinho
Bought with no more than several almond trees, this property is today the backbone for our top wines and Ports.
Quinta da Trovisca
Trovisca is our biggest vineyard and our favorite experimental field. All winemakers like to have a place where they can test new varieties or viticulture processes and this is ours.
Quinta da Valeira
Valeira has certainly one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Douro.
IMG_1393 (1)_alegria
Quinta da Alegria
Quinta da Alegria (‘Alegria’ means Happiness in Portuguese) is one of the very few vineyards in the Douro with a railroad station in the middle of the property.