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Crusted Port

An old-school Port, Crusted Port results from the blending of young Ports with similarities to Vintage Port. Instead of using a single vintage Port, as we do for the Vintage style, our Crusted aggregates two different vintages: 50% 2017 and 50% 2018; It was bottled in 2020 and matured for three years in our cellar. Only after this period it was released.

Bottled in 2020



Dark and intense cherry colour


On the nose, this wine offers a delightful array of aromas. The predominant notes are of plums, raisins, and figs, creating a luscious and fruity bouquet. There is also a subtle presence of black pepper, adding a touch of spice to the aromatic profile.


This Crusted impresses with a robust structure and firm, rich tannins, providing a full-bodied mouthfeel that coats the palate. Its substantial texture delivers a fulfilling experience, blending harmonious flavors of plums, raisins, and figs. The smooth, long finish lingers on the palate, with a slightly dry character that enhances the wine's complexity and balance.


Wine Enthusiast

Reviewed by Roger Voss, on May 2023

A crusted Port is one that has not been filtered before bottling, therefore allowing for further aging. This wine is full of black fruits, still structured and young, that accompany acidity and sweet blackberry jam flavors over the tannins. Drink from 2025. 

The Wine Advocate


The NV Crusted Port is a blend of Touriga Franca (40%), Tinta Barroca (32%), Tinta Roriz (16%), Touriga Nacional (10%) and Tinto Cão for the rest, An equal blend of the 2017 and 2018 vintages, it was aged for two years in stainless steel and one year in a chestnut tonel. It was bottled unfiltered in 2020 (which will be listed on the back label in very tiny print toward the bottom of the text), with 88 grams per liter of residual sugar and a long cork. Elegant and approachable, this has a backbone, but the tannins are not hard. It fleshes out a bit with aeration and develops nicely, becoming more expressive and rather delicious, in its fairly dry fashion. It’s still a bit tight, but this is quite approachable today. It will be better in a year or two and should age reasonably well, perhaps longer than indicated. This doesn’t pop” quite like the Vintage Port in this report does, but the structure is about as good and the price is a lot less, so bargain hunters might have a target here. Not imported, this runs around 34 euros in Portugal. Drink Date 2023 -2037.

Technical Information

Grape Varieties

Touriga Franca (40%), Tinta Barroca (32%), Tinta Roriz (16%), Touriga Nacional (10%), Tinto Cão (2%)


Alcohol – 20,00% Total Acidity – 4,6 (g/l) pH – 3,66 Residual Sugar – 88 (g/l) Contains sulfites

Winemaking Details

Sustainable and dry farming

The wine was subjected to wild fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control, ensuring a controlled and precise process. The use of stainless steel tanks helps to maintain the wine's freshness and fruity flavors during fermentation.

After fermentation, the wine was aged for 2 years in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to a chestnut wood Tonel, which has over 70 years of age, for further aging, where it remained for an additional year. Finally, it underwent an additional 3 years of aging in the bottle, allowing it to continue evolving and maturing.

Cláudia Quevedo


Chocolate, blue cheese


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