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50 Year Old White Port

Indulge in the captivating bouquet of this 50-year-old White Port, with an intense and complex aroma of spices, dates, and nutty undertones, complemented by a zesty citrus profile and subtle hints of brown sugar. On the perfectly balanced palate, flavors of nuts, caramel, and creme brulee are carried through to a long and zesty finish. Meticulously crafted from a blend of different varieties and aged for an average of 50 years, this wine is a true masterpiece.



Dark Amber, green edge


The aroma of this wine is highly intense and complex, showcasing a blend of spices, dates, and nutty undertones that intermingle with notes of candied fruits. A bright and zesty citrus profile adds a delightful touch, complemented by subtle hints of brown sugar and oxidation, creating a truly unique and captivating bouquet.


On the palate, this wine is sharp and perfectly balanced, with its acidity serving to beautifully complement the wine's natural sweetness. The wine's flavors of dates, nuts, caramel, grilled hazelnuts, and creme brulee are carried through beautifully, creating a truly indulgent drinking experience. The wine's long and zesty finish is a testament to its citrusy profile, with the tightness of the acidity ensuring that the wine's flavor lingers long after the last sip.


Revista de Vinhos – Essência do Vinho

"Altamente recomendado 2023"

Cor cobre velho com orla esverdeada. Boa profundidade de cor. Noz, caril, madeira usada. Bom equilíbrio entre acidez e açúcar concentrados pelo longo envelhecimento. Boa persistência com notas especiadas.

Technical Information

Grape Varieties



Alcohol - 20.00% Total Acidity - 5,97 (g/l) pH - 3,63 Residual Sugar - 100 (g/l) Contains sulfites

Winemaking Details

The wine underwent fermentation in granite vats.

After fermentation, the wine was aged in a combination of chestnut wood barrels, some of which were 550 liters in size, while others were larger, contributing to the wine's unique character and complexity.

Claudia Quevedo

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