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Kosher Port Wine

Kosher is a term used to describe all foods that conform to the strict dietary rules of Judaism. These rules are called kashrut. Not all Jews observe the kashrut rules and eat kosher foods. Those who observe kashrut do so to show their reverence for God and feel connected to their faith and community.

There is a widespread “urban legend” that says that wine becomes kosher when blessed by a rabbi – this is false. So what are the requirements for a kosher wine?

Kosher wine is made in exactly the same way as ‘regular’ wine. And as far as taste is concerned, there is no difference between kosher and non-kosher wine.

But to be considered kosher, the entire process of making and processing wine must be done “under strict Orthodox rabbinic supervision” according to strictly supervised purity guidelines, from the time the grapes enter the winery until the finished wine product is bottled and sealed. In addition, any ingredients – such as yeast or fining agents, if used – must be certified kosher.

Since 2011 we have produced a Kosher Ruby Port, which we have for sale at our tasting rooms at the winery in the Douro valley and in Vila Nova de Gaia. Ask for it next time you come to visit us!

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