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Understanding Port Wine Styles: Single Harvest Tawny (Colheita)

Single Harvest Tawny Port wines, also known as Colheitas, offer a distinct and captivating experience, showcasing the character of a particular vintage.


What is Single Harvest Tawny (Colheita)?

Single Harvest Ports, or Colheitas, are made from grapes harvested in a single vintage year and aged in oak barrels for an extended period. Unlike Vintage Ports, which are only aged in the bottle, Colheitas spend their entire aging process in wooden casks. This extended aging, often ranging from a minimum of seven years to several decades, allows the wine to develop a complex and harmonious profile.


Characteristics of Single Harvest (Colheita) Ports

Single Harvest Ports exhibit a range of unique characteristics that make them distinct from other Port wine styles:

  • Vintage Expression: Each bottle of Single Harvest Port captures the expression of a specific vintage year, reflecting the unique weather conditions and grape quality of that particular harvest. This provides a snapshot of a specific moment in time, making every Colheita an individual and memorable experience.
  • Complexity and Maturity: The extended oak aging imparts a rich, mellow character to Colheita Ports. Over time, they develop an array of complex flavors and aromas, including dried fruits, nuts, caramel, spices, and sometimes hints of wood and tobacco. These wines often display an exquisite balance between sweetness, acidity, and tannins.
  • Elegant and Refined: Single Harvest Ports are renowned for their elegance and finesse. They offer a smooth and velvety mouthfeel, with a lingering finish that lingers on the palate. The prolonged aging allows the wine to integrate and mature gracefully, resulting in a polished and refined drinking experience.
  • Ready to Drink: Unlike Vintage Ports, which require additional bottle aging, Colheitas are ready to drink upon release. They have already undergone substantial aging in the cask and have reached a stage of maturity where they can be enjoyed immediately. This makes them a convenient option for those seeking an aged Port without the need for additional cellaring.


Pairing and Enjoying Single Harvest (Colheita) Ports

Single Harvest Ports are incredibly versatile when it comes to food pairings. Their complexity and depth of flavors make them an excellent accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, including rich desserts, caramel-based sweets, nutty pastries, aged cheeses, and even savory dishes like foie gras or game.

To fully appreciate the nuances of a Single Harvest Port, it is recommended to serve it slightly chilled, around 12-14°C (54-57°F), in a proper Port wine glass that allows the aromas to develop and the flavors to be fully experienced.

Single Harvest (Colheita) Ports offer a captivating journey through a specific vintage, showcasing the character and complexity that time brings to Port wines. With their elegant profile, maturity, and unique flavors, they are a wonderful choice for those seeking a refined and memorable Port wine experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with food, a glass of Single Harvest Port promises to transport you to a moment captured in time and provide a truly exceptional drinking experience.


Discover Quevedo’s New Colheitas!

We’re thrilled to announce that our new Colheita Ports are finally here! Made from the finest grapes, each one is bursting with its own distinctive personality and flavor profile. From a silky and elegant 1976 to a bold and promising 2008, our Colheita Ports are sure to mesmerize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So come on down, explore them all, and let yourself be wooed by their irresistible charm!

  • The extraordinary Colheita 1976 wine was born during one of the hottest and driest years in 20th-century Europe. With meticulous care, it fermented in granite vats and aged for nearly 50 years in chestnut wood barrels. Today, it offers a harmonious and intricate palate, graced with spiced and nutty flavors.
  • The 1997 vintage is widely acclaimed as one of the finest from the 1990s for Port wines. This Colheita 1997 perfectly embodies that distinction, delivering a captivating, refined encounter. With refreshing acidity, a rich medley of flavors including creme brulee, nutty undertones, and a hint of caramel, it presents an elegant palate.
  • Despite the unforgiving heat and dryness of the land, our captivating Colheita 2003 thrives. Its exceptionally rich nose and youthful character on the palate deliver a refreshing, vibrant taste. Indulge in its unforgettable experience, promising to delight the senses with every sip.
  • Amidst a fruitful year for Douro Valley viticulture, the Colheita 2008 stands out with its distinct profile, showcasing pronounced tannins and a captivating progression from vibrant fruit notes to alluring nutty flavors. With remarkable aging potential, it promises to unveil increasingly intricate complexities over time.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of our winemaker Claudia and the beauty of these Colheitas. Cheers to the extraordinary experience of our New Colheita Ports!

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