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We are a small team of wine lovers from the Douro Valley having fun doing what we enjoy the most: making wine and making friends.

Our core stands with family and friends. No showing off, nothing to prove. Just good moments to truly appreciate life together. This is what we call “Friendology”.


Although the Quevedo Family has been producing Port Wine for more than 5 generations, the actual company was only founded in 1993.

With less than 25 years of existence, we feel we are at the beginning of our journey and every day is a fresh page added to what we like to do most: explore all the ways wines can be enjoyed.


Celebrate friendship with our Port and Douro wines raised, matured, and bottled in the Douro Valley.
Vintage Port 2019
Port Wines
Colheita 1992
Port Wines
10 Year Old White Port
Port Wines
LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) 2017
Port Wines
Rosé Port
Port Wines
Ruby Port
Port Wines
White Port
Port Wines
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Crafted from the infusion of the most characteristic herbs from our vineyards in the Valley. Made with the purest distilled grain alcohol to obtain unexpectedly captivating aromas.

Organic Olive Oil

Made from a blend of organic local olive varieties from our Quinta do Ferrado, and pressed at low temperature to preserve all the natural aromas. Ideal to give a gourmet touch to your favorite dishes!


An exciting collection of sensorial snapshots of the Terroir that surrounds our vineyards at a specific time of the year with its typical smells and flavors.


Engage your senses in a friendly tasting experience in our vineyards in the Douro Valley or in The Lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia.
We look forward to meeting you!


The influence of the Marão on the Douro Valley climate

100km East of Porto city, the Serra do Marão surrounds the Douro River, giving birth to the Douro Valley as the river carved its path through it. Its highest peak...

The soil of the Douro, lost in translation. Is there really schist in the soil of the Douro?

In Portuguese, the soil of the Douro is named ‘’xisto’’. If you look on google translate you’ll see that xisto’s first result will be schist which is also the closest...

Our Journey Into Organic

Our journey into Organic practices in our farms and vineyards started in 2005 when my father started growing 20 hectares of olive trees to make organic olive oil in Valongo...

6 Tricks to preserve your wine once it is opened.

When you have a nice dinner at home with friends and family, you will probably end up drinking all the bottles of wines you are opening. In other moments, for...

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